Fur, Scales and Tails
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email "Tracy the Animal Show Guy" at:

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Fur, Scales and Tails was created 15 years ago after a handful of
Animal loving 1st graders began to ask their old Kindergarten
teacher to bring a few of his classroom pets back to school to see
everyone.  After acquiring a few more Animals, he went from that
school to other schools, onto daycares, and finally birthday
parties.  Thus
Fur, Scales, and Tails was born.

Over the years we have grown in popularity, variety of Animals,  
and overall production.  Our shows have evolved into highly
entertaining events for any occasion.  Both Children
and Adults will
enjoy our shows. We have been doing this for a while, we have
over 8,000 shows in just over 15 years. We guarantee
that you will not see a better Animal Show in the Bay Area.  

Our Shows Are That Good!

A Typical Fur, Scales, and Tails Show
There is very little set up involved (three small folding card
tables).  The Animal stars arrive in their travel containers.  Each
Animal is called out one at a time by name and presented to the
audience.  Each Animal then does a trick or two for the enjoyment
of the audience.  We then leave that Animal out on display (eating
or playing) for the audience to continue to enjoy them for the
remainder of the show. This pattern continues from the first to
the last Animal.

Bonus Time
After the last Animal is presented, the audience will then get
additional time to pet some of their favorite Animal stars.
Additional photos and videos may be taken at this time.
(pictures and videos may be taken throughout the entire show, our
Animals are definitely not camera shy).

Some of our most popular Animal stars include: Boo, Speedy,  
Chubby-Dubby, Plato, Furriyah, Sandy, Nana,
Chirp, Marsh Mellow, Tiny, Midnight, Slinky, Redeye,
Spot, Santa Claws, Squeezy, Pinky, Stingy,
Echo and the big girl Nana
(definitely not Grandma)

The variety of Animals showcased in our shows can't be matched:
We bring
Baby Chicks, Hamsters, Guinea Pigs, Rabbits, Turtles,
Snakes, Ducks, Tortoises, Lizards, Tarantulas, Roosters,
Hermit Crabs, Frogs, Chickens, Hairless Rats, and More!

Some of these critters may sound a little scary, but all of our
Animals are tame and child friendly, except for a couple of
(for entertainment purposes only:)
The majority of the little stars were raised in a kindergarten
classroom around children every day of their lives.

Some Food For Thought...
We tell Moms and Dads everyday, don't let your uneasiness with
any of the little guys mentioned above keep you from having us
come out to your event. You would be surprised at how many 3 and
4 year olds get wide eyed with excitement when they get to see a
snake longer than they are tall, or a spider as big as their own
hand.  Plus we'll bring plenty of the
"cute and cuddly" Animals too.

Sounds Good, So Now What?
If this sounds like the entertainment you would like to have for
child's birthday party (teen & adult birthday parties too),
school assemblies, cub or girl scouts
, classrooms, churches, senior
centers, camps
or any other venue or event, just send us an email
and we'll be there to amaze you and everyone else who watches
our show!

Given we don't overwork or overexpose our Animals, we can only
perform a certain shows on any given day depending on travel time.
Email us as early as possible with your preferred date and
time. Eight to ten weeks in advance is usually plenty of time to
book your preferred date and show time.  Weekends often book
up full before weekdays.  We do still always try to accommodate
last minute bookings as well.  Email us now!

Hope to see you soon for a Great Show ! ! !

Need More Info or To BOOK A SHOW
Email Us Anytime:

Send an Email to: tracy@furscalesandtails.com    

"Thank You For Inquiring With Us Here At"

Fur, Scales, and Tails
A n i m a l  S h o w s !
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